Even I Am at a Loss… Cats Driving Me Bananas

There is very little that irritates me, but this situation has lit a fire under me.  It all started when our leather furniture was being marked/ pee’d on by one of our two cats.  Yes we have to boy cats and it’s a nightly wrestling match that never quite ends.  Usually around 3 am is when this all takes place.

The only reason I mention the fights, is the fact I thought the fights played into the marking of territory.  We separated the cats for long periods and still the one guilty culprit does it again.

Hmmm how about we clean the crap out of the ottoman that is taking place for the litter box.  Every home remedy cleaner tried and …. FAILED !

So now we take drastic measures and buy $3000 worth of new furniture (cloth not leather this time).  1 week later another peefest on the NEW ottoman.  So now we have resorted to a layer of puppy pads and then a old throw over the ottoman as not to risk the ammonia laced urine to come in contact with our new furniture.

I have found it easier to prevent a computer virus using https://www.computervirusprotectionbirmingham.com/  than figuring out a way to stop my tomboy of a cat from pissing 3 grand down the drain.

Suggestions are welcomed.





Dealing With Pet Loss


As a new pet becomes part of their owners life, they can quickly become loved fixture of the family. This can even go as far as to take them for granted, assume them as part of the background, and forgetting just how a part of our lives they are. But when they are gone, their absence is truly felt. There’s no more running to the door, barking, meowing, or other familiar sounds, the house is quieter and things can get hard. My family recently lost our dog after 12 years together. Every person and family will handle this situation differently, but here are several tips for moving forward in your time of loss.


Take the time needed


Don’t brush off a pet’s death as something you should quickly get over because it’s just a pet. Losing a pet is a serious loss and should be treated as such. Take time off if possible and spend time remembering the good times you shared with the support of others who knew your pet.


Make proper arrangements


If your pet is terminally ill, sometimes the most human thing can be euthanizing. It may sound cruel, but it is also cruel to keep your pet alive and suffering physically to prolong your own grief. Your pet cannot speak and tell you just how much pain they are in, so you will have to trust your veterinarian and your own instinct for when to make the decision. There are quality services out there too, ones that can drive to your home and assist with all the details, giving you time to spend with your pet and not worrying about logistics.


Make closure


Before you say goodbye to your pet, a lot of people now keep either a paw print or a lock of hair as a keepsake. Pet owners often say they wouldn’t have thought they wanted something like that, however once their pet is gone but they still have their paw print they enjoy they report that they are glad they have the memento of their loved one.


It’s ok to move on


Some people may feel guilty thinking about getting another pet after their pet dies. While everyone is different and there is no right or wrong approach, it’s ok to get a new pet after some time. Some people may never want to get another pet again, that’s ok too. But if you find yourself wanting a new furry friend, there is no need to feel guilty. It’s totally normal and can be healthy in the healing process.



If you are unfortunately going through this processes these tips will help you and your pet move on to better times.

Great products for pets

Our pets are more than just chores to be fed and cleaned up after. Our dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even fish are an integral part of our lives. So when is the last time you showed your pet some love? Do fido or fluffy and favor and try one of these modern products and give your furry loved one some pampering and love.


A dental bone for dogs


Dental bones are a great treat for dogs. Incorporate as part of a monthly routine to freshen your dog’s breath. It’s a great idea for dogs of all sizes. And this isn’t just a gift for owners when spike’s breath starts to reek, dogs love it too. The bones massage and clean gums and teeth as they gnaw on the bone. Dogs enjoy the feeling and will feel refreshed, leaving you with not only a less stinky dog but a happier one!


Pet Drinking fountain


We humans don’t like to drink stale water, so why would your pet!? Use this petsafe drinking fountain to keep your furry friend’s water fresh and tasty. It’s great not only for dogs, but for fussy cats too. Not only is this more enjoyable for your pet, but it’s healthier for them too. The appealing constant flow of water entices animals to drink more water, and a more hydrated pet is a healthier pet, with higher energy levels, prettier coats, better breath, and even improved liver and kidney function.


STAYbowl Tip-Proof Bowl


Now this may be more for owners than pet’s but you’re pet will still thank you. These bowls are designed so that they do not easily tip or spill over. Their extended base and grippy material keeps your pet’s food it its bowl. No spills equal less clean up for you, and an easier meal time for your dog, cat, or even guinea pig as there are smaller sized pet bowls as well.


The SpotMe tag


Never worry about losing your pet again! Technology has upgraded the standard tag or collar and you can now get a wireless pet tag that connects to your smartphone. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the tag and obtain photos and other contact information you provide. The best part is you can update the contact information from the product’s app if you ever move or need to change any of the info. By providing more information than a simple collar tag, you make it easier and quicker to reunite with your lost loved one.



Pet Guide 101

Looking for a new companion in your life? Tired of unreliable human partners? Or looking to add some fun and life to the family? Then you may be in the market for a new pet! Now you may think you already know the exact breed and color dog or kitten you want, or even picked out already at the local shelter. But not so fast! While you may know the pet you want, you might not have the one best matched for you. Run through this checklist to make sure you get the right pet for you.


Do I have the room?


Most people would love a doggy addition to the family, but some breeds need space. If you don’t have the yard space or nearby park, please don’t coop up a large dog. But if you absolutely fell in love with that mastiff and have to have a big dog, then there’s still options. Meet in the middle and look for an older dog. Their energy levels aren’t what they used to be and will usually do just fine in a smaller living situation, and you’ll be helping out a furry friend in need.


Do I have the time to take of it?


Again, you might want that spaniel full of energy but wait, don’t I have kickball on Wednesday nights? And Friday’s are girls night, Monday’s I work late, and Tuesdays Billy has soccer, and… you get the idea. We have our own lives to run too, and some animals may require a little more time and energy than we have room for. In this situation a cat, reptile, or fish may be the more appropriate choice.


And if this list has left you feeling bummed because you now know you probably shouldn’t get that puppy you had your heart set on, fear not! It’s not exactly the same as owning your own puppy but it’s the next best thing. Try fostering! Most shelters have a fostering program as part of their adoption center. Room at the shelter comes and goes and sometimes facilities need volunteers to take on dogs and cats to make room for new arrivals or to transition other animals. This will give you time to spend with a furry friend without the serious commitment and responsibility. It’s a great way to test out owning a pet and see if having the added responsibility of pet ownership to your life is the right call.

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