A Deer?! For A Pet?!

Some people have some crazy pets. I know a guy that has a deer for a pet. He was out in his back yard when he found a baby doe alone. Her leg was broken, and she had been left completely alone. Instead of leaving her there he decided to take her to the vet.

She had to have surgery on her leg and would be in a cast for quite some time, but Stan decided to take her home and nurse her back to health. The vet bills were outrageous, but that did not stop him from taking care of her. Somehow this deer and Stan had such a close a bond. I would have never expected this big burly dude to become best friends with a deer but it happened. He stayed with the doe every day, and she seemed to love him just as much as he loved her.

At one point the air conditioner quit working, which made things difficult for both Stan and the deer. He needed an air conditioner repair company in Birmingham, Alabama. He was lucky to find someone to fix it quickly because the doe became very restless.

As the doe got better, she began following Stan everywhere. She hated to leave his side. He named her Ellie, and they hung out all the time. Stan wanted to release her back into the wild but because he found her as a baby, he knew she wouldn’t make it on her own.

The whole time Stan told me this story I was a little shocked. I mean what are the odds of having a deer for a pet! Somehow, Stan did and he loved her more than anything. He built her a place to play outback and she slept inside at night.

Stan did not really care about what people thought about his best friend being a deer. Some of his friends gave him a hard time, but I thought it was great! Stan and Ellie have quite the bond, and I’ve actually gone to visit them. I was sort of scared at first, but Ellie is sort of like a dog. She is super calm and loving.

Never doubt what kind of pet someone might have! Ya really never know!

Alexa Henry