A Walk With My Cat

horse-plates.comThe other day I walked with my cat just to see how it would go. We walked and walked until I realized it was following a bird. As soon as my cat saw the bird he forgot about me and chased it up a tree. I spend the next 2 hours trying to talk my cat down. My cat was very scared and very high up. There were birds teasing the cat as I attempted to climb the old rugged tree. The sticky bark clung to my hands as I approached my scared little cat. He jumped onto me and I climbed back down.

His claws dug into my shoulder and cut me badly. I decided it was time to turn around with my cat so we did. We continued to walk towards my house when my cat saw a mouse in the bushes. My cat chased the mouse into the bushes and got stuck. I couldn’t figure how to get my cat out of this bush because it was so large and thick. I decided to dive headfirst into the bush to retrieve the cat. When I got my cat he scratched my neck. We walked some more towards the house when my cat saw a roach. This roach crawled out of a hole in the ground and went into Orlando Stucco Repair. My cat followed quickly.

Luckily, the pet store caught the roach and sent it back outside. They got my cat and brushed and cleaned it. They fed it and showered it. I couldn’t believe how clean and elegant my little orange cat looked. My cat had always been orange, fat, and curious so I named him Garfield. Garfield made sure to let me know that he always wanted to return to that store because that is where he got the best treatment of his life.

-Alexa Henry