A Walk With My Dog

I walk with my dog everyday. We have gone everywhere. Through the years my dog has always followed me without a leash. I named him Lucky because I won him from a radio call-in line during the Superbowl in Hawaii. I found the randomness of the circumstances to help me in naming him as “Lucky.” Lucky and I became friends when I went to pick him up from a friend who did stucco repair for me in Orlando, FL.¬†and brought him home. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how precious his face was. He was a full bread German Shepard. Lucky has become the center of attention everywhere my family takes him.

We take him to the dog park to let him socialize with other dogs. He met another dog named Messi the other day and they became great friends. Messi’s owners are now my children’s babysitters. Lucky just keeps bringing our family good luck. In order to enjoy a home fully one must consider bringing a dog into the picture.

There are so many unlucky dogs out there that don’t have a home or a family. A lot of these dogs end up in the pound and being put to sleep. Adopting is very important because these creatures deserve a home where they feel safe and loved. A dog will stay with you for the rest of its life with all the loyalty and love you could ever ask for.

Lucky met another dog named Dash. Lucky and Dash had babies and now everyone in my family has a dog. Dogs bring so much joy to my life and I am forever grateful that I got so lucky as to have Lucky as my dog in life. Lucky was a crazy puppy but he eventually grew out of that and became a big, furry, beast.

– Alexa Henry