Cats Vs Dogs

Are you a cat lover or dog lover? My experience with cats has been amazing as well with dogs. I will share both.

Cats have always been my favorite because they do not require too much maintenance. They are independent creatures and can be very loving, funny, and playful. I have raised many cats from babies and watched how they change over the years. They are like baby dogs in that they act crazy for the first few years and then eventually mellow out over time. Cats can be very territorial when first introduced to each other. It often takes time for cats to become friends with each other when adding felines to the flock. It is important to change your cats water once a day. Fresh food and water are important for a cats health.

Dogs are great companions throughout life. From raising them as puppies into their adult years it is easy to see that they can and will do just about everything you do not want them too. That is why it takes more responsibility for a dog instead of a cat. A dog will also be more loyal to you and likely defend or attempt to defend you if your house is being broken into. A cat on the other hand is more likely to go nap under the bed instead of facing the perpetrator.

All in all, there are so many reasons to love both so why not have both? A household with multiple pets always allows a chance for a variety of love from all different shapes and sizes. Although some people may think it is impossible to have cats and dogs together it is in fact possible. Most dogs that grow up alongside cats are able to control themselves whereas you’re less likely to see the same results in a wild dog.

– Alexa, Henry