Even I Am at a Loss… Cats Driving Me Bananas

There is very little that irritates me, but this situation has lit a fire under me.  It all started when our leather furniture was being marked/ pee’d on by one of our two cats.  Yes we have to boy cats and it’s a nightly wrestling match that never quite ends.  Usually around 3 am is when this all takes place.

The only reason I mention the fights, is the fact I thought the fights played into the marking of territory.  We separated the cats for long periods and still the one guilty culprit does it again.

Hmmm how about we clean the crap out of the ottoman that is taking place for the litter box.  Every home remedy cleaner tried and …. FAILED !

So now we take drastic measures and buy $3000 worth of new furniture (cloth not leather this time).  1 week later another peefest on the NEW ottoman.  So now we have resorted to a layer of puppy pads and then a old throw over the ottoman as not to risk the ammonia laced urine to come in contact with our new furniture.

I have found it easier to prevent a computer virus using https://www.computervirusprotectionbirmingham.com/  than figuring out a way to stop my tomboy of a cat from pissing 3 grand down the drain.

Suggestions are welcomed.