Pets are a GREAT Thing

My mom and I were recently talking about all the crazy pets I’ve had growing up. Most of the time my grandmother was involved in whatever new pet I was getting. My mom knew that when she dropped me off at her house, the chance of me coming home with a new pet was very likely.

My grandmother and I always had some crazy project going on. Many times, the project involved some new animal I was interesting in getting. I would be lying if I said she didn’t spoil me. All I had to say is let’s go to the pet store and that was about all it took.

We would drive up to the pet store down the road and spend many hours deciding on what animal I wanted. At one point, I was interested in mice, and my mother could not wait for that phase to come to an end. Especially when one of them got out in our house, and she found it in our living room. But, even after that happened, my grandmother would still buy me another one if I wanted it.

All my pets taught me something, whether it was a hamster, a guinea pig, birds, turtles, you name it, I probably had it. Animals teach us something humans can’t. Learning to appreciate them and love them is important. Humans are really good at destroying animal habitats without even thinking about what it means for all the creatures that live there. I learned to love differently by taking care of so many different creatures.

I’m thankful for all those memories with my grandmother. We had a lot of fun going to the pet store, and I will always treasure those times with her. My mom says that when I have kids, I have to let her take the kids to the pet store like grandmother did with me. I have agreed to this in hopes that my kids have the same experience I did. Even though I will not be too happy if I find a bunch of creatures running around the house.

Learning to appreciate and love animals is something all kids should learn. They will remember those memories forever. I will always be grateful for all the weekends I spent wondering around the pet store with my grandmother. We had a lot of great adventures together that I will hold onto forever.