Who needs humans, When you can have Dogs

Who needs humans, When you can have Dogs

Everyone, or at least most people, have that one pet that is there for them through everything. I’ll never forget the day the best dog ever came into my life. I was in second grade, recovering from a stomach virus, when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the Humane Society. The first thing we did was go to their website to see when they were open, and thanks to http://www.Wirelessnetworksbirmingham.com/, we knew we had reliable service. She said we were just going to look, but I knew there was no way we would live empty handed. We had a little yorkie named Rocky, and he came with us to pick out a new friend.

While we were looking around, a little shy dog came up to the window, and Rocky, my mom, and I instantly fell in love. We named her Adrianne, and she quickly became my best friend. Rocky, Adrianne, and I, were the three amigos. We were always playing, cuddling, and hanging out together. No matter what was happening, I could count on those two to be there for me.

While Rocky is no longer with us, Adrianne is still going strong 12 years later. She spends her days hunting bees, digging holes, and waiting for someone to cuddle with her. We both struggle with anxiety, and she is always there when I need her.

Sometimes a best friend does not have to be a human. It can be a small four legged animal that has the biggest heart in the world. Adrianne has been there for me through every hard time in the past 12 years. We have had many great adventures, and I know we will continue to have many more memories in the future. Now that I’m in college, I miss her dearly, but I always look forward to seeing her when I get home.

Dogs teach us to see the good in people. They have the most unconditional love for their owners. Not to mention, they are really freaking cute. If you haven’t experienced the love of a dog or a pet, I highly recommend it. They can really feel your life joy. Adrianne and Rocky will always have a special place in my heart. They have taught me a lot in my life about responsibility, loyalty, and most of all, love.